Our team consists of both translators and interpreters. Some members actually combine both skills.

In reality, interpretation and translation differ only in their expression: the first is oral, and the second, written. However, both disciplines strive to remain faithful to the original contents while avoiding becoming over-literal.

We are the voice of

The challenge of the interpreter can be summarised as "being heard as much as possible while being seen as little as possible". In other words, an interpreter must facilitate communication inconspicuously.

That's why we can say we are the voice of many people who have put their trust in our efforts so they can understand and be understood in another language.

These include personalities associated with literature, cinema, philosophy, politics, science... We've listed some of them in this section:

Name Profession
Fadela Amara President of the association Ni putes ni soumises
Agnès Jaoui Actress and singer
Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón y Bertrand Delanöe Mayors of Madrid and Paris
Hervé Morin French Defence Minister
Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt  Writer
Tahar Ben Jelloun  Writer
Dominique Wolton  Scientist
Jeanne Moreau  Actress
Fernando Savater  Philosopher
Iñaki Gabilondo  Journalist
Patrick Poivre d’Arvor  Journalist
Dominique Perrault  Architect
Enki Bilal  Artist and film director 
Carla Bruni-Sarkozy First Lady of France
Atiq Rahimi Writer
Armand Gatti  Writer
Theodore Zeldin Sociologist and historian
Claude Lanzmann Film director and screenwriter
Frédéric Mitterrand  French Culture Minister
Hubert Haddad Writer
John Boyne Writer
Joan Baez Singer
Robert Rowland Smith Philosopher
Ajvide Lindqvist Writer
Margaret Stohl y Kami García Writers
Baltasar Garzón Legal expert
Luc Besson Film director and producer
Boris Cyrulnik Neurologist

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